Sertem Organic Ecology Products

Our company; SERTEM EXPORT was established in 2007 , in the Aegean province of Izmi. We export & import organic(EU/USDA-NOP) and conventional highest quality products for about 11 years.

Proudly we inform you that we have been exporting following products to Germany,United Kingdom,The netherlands,United States,Hong Kong,Kuwait,France etc…
Above mentioned products are inspected by the ECOCERT and CU controller firmwhich has an international validity. It is to provide Trust & Success in National and International Trade by the help of honest and trustable working system .






Our Principles

Starting with field; seeding, planting, watering, marketing and delivering are all under the control of our company. To abtain the perfection standard on production quality in accordance with custormer demand and to look our for human health and environmental protection in every stage of our workd is very importasnt for us. Our company has adopted as a principle to do what is necessary for organic agriculture.


One of our other principles is to establish trust and achieve success in both national and international trade with a trustworthy and honest work- system. It is also important for us to put projects into practice and provide some information

About Us

Our company, whose dynamic and expert staff who can provide service in every place of Turkey pays attention to the other works in recent years in order to widen its range of products.

So our products are processed in fason agreement manegements and wraped at our customers pleasure.
Our company has the capability with our dynamic an experienced personnel to produce and offer you dried tomatoes, grilled or fermented preserved products, fruit pastes, dried fruit-vegetables, frozen commodities just like you might like and request. The products are processed at our subcontracted facilities. We pack according to our customer’s wishes.





Sertem Organic Food company established


First Exports

First Overseas Exports to Germany


We started exporting
to all Europe

We started exporting to all European countries.


We started exporting
to America

We started exporting our products to America

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