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Our company;SERTEM EXPORT was established in 2007 , in the Aegean province of Izmir.We export & import organic(EU/USDA-NOP) and conventional highest quality products for about 11 years.


Proudly we inform you that we have been exporting following products to Germany,United Kingdom,The netherlands,United States,Hong Kong,Kuwait,France etc…


Above mentioned products are inspected by the ECOCERT and CU controller firmwhich has an international validity. It is  to provide Trust & Success in National and International Trade by the help of  honest and trustable  working system .


Our products are reputable quality,consistency and traceability.We supply best quality food products fort he customers need.


We are so focused on what customer expected on product quality at reasonable prices.


We expect that there is a great potential for developing business,which will be mutually benefial for both our companies.


Our policy is at each stage of the organic and conventional production to protect the human and social environment.

Fatih Mahallesi, Dedeağaçlı Sok. No. 7/2 Bayındır, İzmir
+90 232 259 3420